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  • Chess Life Magazine - October 2016 Issue
    Remembering Viktor Korchnoi - 1931-2016 Catalog Code: CL1016
    The October 2016 issue of Chess Life is here! It's Cover Story is on the life and Chess of Grandmaster Viktor Korchoi. It also features coverage of the 2016 World Open and the chess photography of David Llada.

    Chess Life Magazine - October 2016 Issue

    Our Price: $3.95
  • The Collector II Series Luxury Chess Pieces - 4.0" King Catalog Code: MENWCLII40
    'Crafted to replicate the design and proportions of the original Staunton pattern Chessmen, registered by Nathaniel Cooke in March of 1849 and first manufactured by Jaques of London in September 1849.''

    The Collector II Series Luxury Chess Pieces - 4.0" King

    Our Price: $495.00
  • Mis mejores partidas con la Ruy Lopez - Alexei Shirov Catalog Code: WIN0495CB
    No hay muchos ajedrecistas de primera fila mundial que disfruten de tanta popularidad en todo el mundo como Alexei Shirov. Ahora les presentamos su primer DVD en español. Como tema del mismo ha elegido la Apertura Española o Ruy López. Y reconoce que en su elección han influido tres motivos: es su apertura favorita, hace una década que adoptó la nacionalidad española y juega en un club de Extremadura, patria de Ruy López de Segura.

    Mis mejores partidas con la Ruy Lopez - Alexei Shirov

    Our Price: $30.95
  • The 4... Nf6 Caro-Kann - Nigel Davies Catalog Code: WIN0497CB
    The dynamic 4...Nf6 line of the Caro-Kann has been unfashionable in recent years whilst the theory on 4...Bf5 and 4...Nd7 now extends well into the middle game. 4…Nf6 therefore offers a golden opportunity for Caro-Kann players to throw their opponents on their own resources – and here even top Grandmasters can go wrong. On this DVD Nigel Davies examines both the Bronstein-Larsen (5.Nxf6+ gxf6) and the Tartakower (5.Nxf6+ exf6) systems.

    The 4... Nf6 Caro-Kann - Nigel Davies

    Our Price: $33.95
  • Pawn Structures You Should Know - Adrian Mikhalchishin Catalog Code: WIN0496CB
    Aaron Nimzowitsch knew how to teach chess and he knew how to study the middlegame: His advice was to “study typical pawn structures.” Every typical structure has its typical plans and to know these plans helps you to find your way in these positions. On this DVD the author presents and explains the most common central structures every chessplayer should know: The Hedgehog, the Maroczy, Hanging pawns and the Isolani.

    Pawn Structures You Should Know - Adrian Mikhalchishin

    Our Price: $33.95
  • Trompowsky for the Attacking Player - Timur Gareyev Catalog Code: WIN0494CB
    Grandmaster and "Blindfold King" Timur Gareyev is known for his creative attacking chess. On his new DVD he recommends to play the Trompowsky! (1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5) The Trompowsky is an opening outside of conventional wisdom. Create challenges and make your opponent solve problems early on.

    Trompowsky for the Attacking Player - Timur Gareyev

    Our Price: $33.95
  • Man versus Machine
    Kasparov versus Deep Blue Catalog Code: CB0277RB
    This book tells the full story of this historic encounter, from the personalities, hype and controversies to the debates over computer intelligence and the future of chess. Every game is analyzed in detail and the earlier 1989 and 1996 matches between the two contestants are reviewed.

    Man versus Machine

    Our Price: $14.95
  • The Luneburg Variation
    A Novel Catalog Code: CB0157RB
    Readers even more than critics are impassioned by the beat of an unpredictable drum: The Luneburg Variation, a first novel, has become the most significant book of the literary year. Their enthusiasm gives hope. 

    The Luneburg Variation

    Our Price: $19.95
  • Pearls of Azerbaijan
    Baku Chess Olympiad 2016 Catalog Code: B0021EV
    In this book you will find the brightest and most sparkling selection of tactical masterpieces from Azerbaijani chess players.

    The 557 puzzles have been carefully selected and designated into 3 categories: easy, medium and difficult, in order to attract not only the professional player but also to share the joy with all chess lovers.

    Pearls of Azerbaijan

    Our Price: $21.95
  • The Chess Traveller's Quizbook Catalog Code: CB0055RB
    Now, in Chess Travellers Quiz Book, Hodgson reverses roles and, setting the brainteasers himself, challenges readers to find the winning combination in 200 test-yourself positions, all taken from practical play. These are arranged chapter by chapter, in order of increasing difficulty, anticipating that by the time you reach your final destination you will be a keener, sharper, more imaginative player.

    The Chess Traveller's Quizbook

    Our Price: $9.95