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  • The Queen of Katwe
    One Girl's Triumphant Path to Becoming a Chess Champion Catalog Code: B0069OB
    Queen of Katwe is the colorful true story of a young girl selling corn on the streets of rural Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and, as a result of the support she receives from her family and community, is instilled with the confidence and determination she needs to pursue her dream of becoming an international chess champion.

    The Queen of Katwe

    Our Price: $15.95
  • Chess for Hawks
    Improve Your Vision, Sharpen Your Talons, Forget Your Fear Catalog Code: B0186NIC
    Is your natural instinct at the chessboard for caution and strategy or do you crave adventure and confrontation? This question may be more important than you think because being aware of your personal style (and that of your opponent) is essential in your development as a chess player. Cyrus Lakdawala does something no other chess writer has done before: he makes you reflect deeply about your style of play and its consequences. After reading Chess for Hawks you will be a stronger player because you have mastered an essential but neglected skill: you will know how to obey the position's requirements instead of your natural inclination.

    Chess for Hawks

    Our Price: $24.95
  • Maxim Dlugy Autographed Copy of Grandmaster Insides
    Same Price as Unsigned - Signed by Grandmaster Dlugy on May 13, 2017 Catalog Code: B0010TH-SGN
    Grandmaster Insides takes you into the inner world of Max Dlugy, as he recounts and analyzes what a young player has to go through to become a champion and what areas of development are important for self-improvement.

    Maxim Dlugy Autographed Copy of Grandmaster Insides

    Our Price: $35.95
  • The New in Chess Book of Chess Improvement
    Lessons from the World's Best Chess Magazine Catalog Code: B0187NIC
    'The New in Chess Book of Improvement' is a treasure trove of study material and has chapters on attack and defense, sacrifices, material imbalances, pawn structures, endgames and various positional themes. It includes masterclasses by no fewer than eight World Champions: Tal, Smyslov, Karpov, Kramnik, Anand, Topalov Carlsen and Kasparov. But also chess legends such as Larsen, Kortchnoi, Timman, Ivanchuk, Short, Aronian and Shirov. Together they represent an exciting picture of modern top level chess.

    The New in Chess Book of Chess Improvement

    Our Price: $24.95
  • CLEARANCE - The Collector Series Prestige Luxury Chess Pieces - 4.4" King Catalog Code: MENWCOL44-PRE
    To pamper you, The House of Staunton is proud to offer the Collector Series Luxury Chess set. This full-tournament sized Chess set features. A full tournament-sized Chess set, it features a 4.4'' King with a 2.0'' diameter base. The Chess pieces are hand carved by our master artisans and crafted out of the highest grade woods. The Chess pieces are heavily weighted with gold embossed English Leather base pads under the Kings, luxurious billiard cloth base pads on the other Chess pieces and a beautiful finish. The Collector Series Luxury Chess set has been crafted to replicate the design and proportions of the original Staunton pattern Chessmen, registered by Nathaniel Cooke in March of 1849 and first manufactured by Jaques of London in September 1849.

    CLEARANCE - The Collector Series Prestige Luxury Chess Pieces - 4.4" King

    Our Price: $597.50
  • Your First Move
    Chess for Beginners Catalog Code: B0105OB
    "Your First Move" is a chess book for beginners by the well-known Chess master and honoured USSR trainer A.P. Sokolsky. Alexey Pavlovich Sakolsky was a research and theoretician, one of the few players on the earth to have an opening named after him. For many years, he was the trainer and second of the illustrious grandmaster Isaak Boleslavsky and also a teacher, working with young players. This book is the author's last work, a distinctive summary of his research and teaching experience. The book is aimed at the mass reader.

    Your First Move

    Our Price: $26.95
  • 100 Chess Studies - Lessons in the Endgame
    Edited and With a Forward by Oleg Pervakov, World Chess Composing Champion Catalog Code: B0104OB
    This collection of studies by the remarkable Russian chess composer Alexey Seleznev (1888-1967) will not only wrap you in the amazing world of beautiful and memorable ideas, developed here to perfection. It is also an indispensable chess study aid - Seleznev's problems are closely integrated into practical play and most of them are self-contained lessons. The accuracy of of these compositions is backed up by modern computer analysis.

    100 Chess Studies - Lessons in the Endgame

    Our Price: $14.95
  • The Hyper Accelerated Dragon Catalog Code: B0012TH
    In this book, IM Raja Panjwani presents the Hyper Accelerated Dragon. He demonstrates from the second move a dynamic way to fight 1. e4. He covers all of White's main variations and sidelines and even the most critical 'Maroczy bind' gets a new treatment. Raja's book is recommended for all players that are eager to enter the critical lines in this exciting Sicilian.

    The Hyper Accelerated Dragon

    Our Price: $29.95
  • Combinative Motifs Catalog Code: B0103OB
    1,205 best tactical positions, grouped according to their topics. Intended for chess players with ELO 1600-2400. This chess exercise book is written by an experienced coach, International Grandmaster of ICCF. It contains more than 1400 exercises that are arranged very precisely after various combinational motifs.

    Combinative Motifs

    Our Price: $29.95
  • Komodo Chess 11
    64 Bit Multiprocessor Version Catalog Code: WIN0428CB
    The new version, Komodo Chess 11, is even stronger than its predecessor. The improved multiprocessor engine can utilize up to 64 cores for calculating variations, weighing in at over 50 Elo points more compared to its predecessor Komodo 10.

    Komodo Chess 11

    Our Price: $89.95