The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book

    1001 Original Chess Puzzles to Challenge All Standards of Player, From Beginner to Grandmaster

    Product Code: B0072GB


    Publisher: Gambit
    Author: John Emms
    Year of Publication: 2000

    Pages: 240
    Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

    Book Description

    This book provides a wealth of puzzle positions to test just about every facet of your tactical skills. The puzzles in this book have been selected by analysing games new and old in search of original puzzle positions. It is very unlikely that even seasoned solvers will recognise many of these positions. Emms, by allying his skills with those of powerful computers, has also made every effort to ensure that the solutions are sound, and that there are no unmentioned alternative solutions.
    The book begins with 100 relatively easy positions suitable for novices, and ends with 100 extremely tough puzzles, which provide a mind-bending challenge even for top-class players. There are 1001 puzzles in all.

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    ISBN 9781901983340
    Manufacturer Gambit Publishing
    Author(s) John Emms
    Pages 240 Pages
    Publication Date Jan 1, 2000
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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