Chess Informant - ISSUE 108

Chess Informant - ISSUE 108
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Publication Date: January 1, 2011
Page Count: 293 Pages

Book Description

Chess Informant 108 brings together a thoroughly refined selection of 301 annotated games and 413 accompanying game fragments from January - April 2010. Featuring games from Bursa, Wijk aan Zee, Moscow, Linares, Rijeka, Nice (rapid), Anand - Topalov (wch), Baku (rapid), etc.

As usual, our contributors are the world's best players: V. Anand, Dominguez Perez, Le Quang Liem, Motylev, Ju. Polgar, Bruzon Batista, Macieja, Dreev, Ivan Sokolov, Tiviakov, A. Beliavsky, Sjugirov, Predojevic, Krasenkow, M. Gurevich, Ar. Jussupow, L. Christiansen, Jan Timman, Ch. Lutz, J. Benjamin, Ribli, Speelman, Mikhalchishin, and many others.

This Volume brings the voting for the ten best games and the ten most important theoretical novelties from Chess Informant 107, theoretical survey in ECO format, the most interesting recent combinations, endings and studies, tournament standings and crosstables, and the best of Teimour Radjabov's creative output. Column "Modern Chess Theory" completely covers five most popular openings A 30, B 97, C 19, D 47 and E 63.

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