The Budapest Gambit

The Budapest Gambit
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Publication Date: September 1, 2009
Notation Type: FAN - Figurine
Page Count: 238 Pages

Publisher: Everyman Chess
Author: Timothy Taylor
Year of Publication: 2009

Pages: 238
Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

Book DescriptionThe Budapest Gambit is an ambitious and adventurous opening for Black, who offers a pawn as early as the second move in return for active and rapid development. It has always been a particular favorite at club level, where it still provides a surprise weapon, but it has also been utilized with success by top-class Grandmasters.

In this book Timothy Taylor offers an in-depth study of the Budapest Gambit and its many variations. Using illustrative games, Taylor presents up-to-date analysis of the theory, makes recommendations on the best options for Black and White, and covers the typical plans for both sides. This book provides everything you need to know about this fascinating opening.

* Covers both the main line and tricky deviations.
* Highlights crucial tactical and positional ideals.
* Packed with original analysis.

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