Play the Dutch

    An Opening Repertoire for Black Based on the Leningrad Variation

    Product Code: B0311EM


    Publisher: Everyman Chess
    Author: Neil McDonald
    Year of Publication: 2010

    Pages: 192
    Notation Type: Figurine(FAN)

    Book DescriptionThere's no doubt that the Dutch Defence is one of Black's most enterprising answers to 1 d4. Black strives to unbalance the position by creating an asymmetrical pawn structure on the very first move, giving himself every opportunity to fight for the initiative from the outset. It's no surprise that the Dutch particularly appeals to ambitious players who relish a complicated battle.

    In this book, Neil McDonald tells you everything you need to know in order to play this opening successfully: the correct opening lines to choose; the fundamental ideas for both sides; the traps you can set and pitfalls to avoid; and the move order subtleties that play such an important role in the modern game. McDonald provides the reader with a comprehensive repertoire against 1 d4 based around the dynamic Leningrad Variation. Read this book and play the Dutch with confidence!

    * An essential guide to the Dutch Defence
    * A Grandmaster's repertoire for Black against 1 d4
    * Packed with new ideas and analysis

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    Product Details

    ISBN 9781857446418
    Manufacturer Everyman Chess
    Author(s) Neil McDonald
    Pages 192 Pages
    Publication Date Nov 23, 2010
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine

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