CLEARANCE - Alekhine in Europe and Asia

Product Code: CB0006XX


Publisher: International Chess
Author: John Donaldson
Year of Publication: 1993

Pages: 118
Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

Book DescriptionThis book features 619 non-tournament games of the legendary world champion, Alexander Alekhine. These games come from a variety of events, including simultaneous displays, exhibitions, blindfold play, blitz events, and correspondence games that Alekhine played between 1905-1945 in Europe and Asia. The games are very instructive and many of them have been deeply annotated by Alekhine himself, as well as Averbakh, Bogolyubov, Donaldson, Kmoch, Minev, Seirawan, Tartakover and others!

This book includes much more information that just games - It also includes rare photos, tournament results and historical information about the events.

The games are indexed by ECO Codes, Opening and Players.

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ISBN 9781879479128
Manufacturer Self Published
Pages 118 Pages
Publication Date Jan 1, 1993
Notation Type AN - Algebraic