Nimzo-Indian with 4 Qc2

    Nimzo-Indian with 4 Qc2
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    Publisher: Chess Enterprises
    Author: Max Dlugy
    Year of Publication: 1990

    Pages: 230
    Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

    Book DescriptionGM Max Dlugy here presents the definitive Study of the Classical Variation of the Nimzo-Indian with 4. Qc2. He provides reliable assessments of all significant variations with clear statements as to why a line is viable or not. With some 200 diagrams to lead the way, the author has clearly organized his material to make it readily assessable by ECO Codes. He includes significant games, in their entirety, to illustrate the flow to the conclusion of the game. Tournament and correspondence players will have to have this important theoretical work to prepare for their next Nimzo-Indian battle!


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