Max Lange Attack and the Anti-Max Lange

    Max Lange Attack and the Anti-Max Lange

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    Publication Date: January 1, 1993
    Notation Type: AN - Algebraic
    Page Count: 106 Pages

    Publisher: Chess Digest
    Author: Smith & Hall
    Year of Publication: 1993

    Pages: 106
    Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

    Book Description  Smith & Hall: "We emphasize that the Max Lange sometimes involves main line analysis beyond 20 moves! For this reason, the student must assimilate as much as possible of the following material as possible. The better prepared player in the Max Lange will have the advantage over an opponent whose recollection of these venerable lines is hazy or incomplete. If White is the better prepared, he should win; if Black is the better prepared, he should draw, and only have a chance to win if he is the better player in unclear positions." You are given an opening that will stun your opponents even if he is a GM. If you know the main lines it is 99% sure your opponent does not. Just play 1.e4 and hope you see 1..e5 played!

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