Combinations in the Middlegame

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    Translator's Preface

    When the Soviet publishing house Fizkultura i Sport began publication of a series of chess books, I commented on their excellence, especially from a didactic point of view, though obviously for this purpose one needed a knowledge of Russian to be able to follow the text as well as the actual play in the examples quoted. I am pleased therefore to be able now to make one of these books available to the English-speaking chess public.

    As I also remarked in my review, the Soviet concept of a beginner is clearly wider than ours, and to make the book even wider in its scope and appeal I have added some supplementary material. I must confess that I have had some misgivings about the correct rendering of certain technical terms, but in the absence of an internationally accepted terminology each translator must take his own line on such matters. Also in translating certain extracts quoted from authors whose books are available in English I have followed the Russian text in those rare cases where it differs slightly from the English version. I trust that this book will give real pleasure to its readers and help those players who wish to learn to play combinations.

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    ISBN 9780875682174
    Manufacturer Chess Digest
    Pages 129 Pages
    Publication Date Jan 1, 1993
    Notation Type AN - Algebraic
    Book Edition N/A