Combinations - The Heart of Chess

    Product Code: B0007DV


    Publisher: Dover
    Author: Irving Chernev
    Year of Publication: 1967

    Pages: 245
    Notation Type: Descriptive (DN)

    Book DescriptionExplanations for the famous and less well-known combinations of Tarrasch, Botvinnik, Nimzovich, Steinitz, Rubinstein; the dazzling brilliancies of Morphy, Keres and Alekhine; the deadly attacks of Marshall; the unfathomable plays of Lasker; and the matchless creations of Capablanca and many others. 356 diagrams.

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    Product Details

    ISBN 486217442
    Manufacturer Dover Chess
    Author(s) Irving Chernev
    Pages 245 Pages
    Publication Date Jan 1, 1967
    Notation Type DN - Descriptive
    Book Edition N/A