CHESSBASE 12 - Starter Edition

    CHESSBASE 12 - Starter Edition

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    Publication Date: December 9, 2012

    ChessBase 12 has arrived!

    If you are an ambitious chess player, if you want to continually improve your chess and train systematically, if you want to prepare for your next opponent – no matter whether for a club match, for an Open or for a Top Tournament… If you are a coach or teach chess and want to find training material, if you like to play through the best and most recent games with the latest opening trends or if you want to enter and analyse your own games… In short: if you have any interest in chess whatsoever, then you just cannot do without the ChessBase program. 

    ChessBase is the Swiss Army knife for the chessplayer – there is a tool for every problem and an answer to every question!

    Now, the new ChessBase 12 is being released – and it has fascinating new possibilities...

    This and more is new in ChessBase 12

    ChessBase 12 - Starter Package comes with:

    *ChessBase 12 Software 

    *Big Database 2013 

    *Games download until 31st December 2014

    *Access to ChessBase Online Database (over 6.4 million games)

    *Access to “Let’s Check” and “Engine Cloud” ( membership required, else guest access).

    *Half a Year’s subscription to ChessBase Magazine (3 issues)

    ChessBase 12 is even better now – a lot of functions are easier to use but most important: there are fantastic new possibilities to help you analyse and search for relevant games.

    With ChessBase 12 and an analysis engine you have access to the world of Cloud Computing. Analyse critical positions with the help of the best computers one can find out here. Or use the Let's Check function to retrieve previous analyses and evaluations. 

    Use ChessBase 12 and your analysis engine to create a dynamic analysis tree with several engines running at the same time.

    You need only one click to discover the previous games of the two players engaged in the current game to find out more about the history of a game.

    Find the most relevant examples of the best players and of every endgame with "Similar endgames" and learn how to play endgames correctly.

    Find an intelligent selection of games with certain pawn structures and manoeuvres with "Similar structure" or "Similar moves". Thus you learn the right strategy from the best players or you can test when to play certain sacrifices.

    And these are only a few of many improvements which make studying chess easier and more fun.

    ChessBase 12: Better and more intelligent

    Better analysis

    Let's Check access is now part of the ChessBase program, including a new analysis function.

    The Fritz 13 Engine Cloud has been developed further: several board windows can be analysing in parallel each with its own cloud engine without any loss of performance.

    Deep analysis of positions: the program endlessly analyses a position and generates an analysis tree for the best candidate moves and replies. This represents a considerable development compared to even the deep position analysis in Fritz.

    Cloud analysis: deep analysis of a single position with several engines from different computers running in parallel. To date, this is the most lavish, the most efficient and the most precise of all analytical options in ChessBase or Fritz.

    Let's Check analysis in abbreviated form with mistakes and combinations.

    Human-like comments: the latest strong GM games usually appear in Let's Check with complete analysis on the very next day. With this analysis, which takes only seconds, possible errors and combinations are provided with brief notes in the style of a human annotator.

    Improved search options

    Search for similar endgames

    With just one click you get all comparable endgames from your main database classified according to similarity.

    Kasparov-Karpov, 1985

    And a similar engdgame, over 50 years before...

    It recognises pawn structures (passed pawns, blockaded pawns, linked pawns, pawn chains, pawn islands, isolated pawns, backward pawns) and relevant piece positions (rooks behind passed pawns, a rook cutting off the king, king in the square of the pawn, the wrong bishop etc.). A very rapid search on up-to-date multiprocessor systems.

    Search for similar middlegame structures

    A single click will show you all comparable pawn structures from your main database, classified according to their similarity to the position in the game. 

    It recognises related positioning of pieces (rooks on open files, a queen and bishop on the same diagonal, the position of the kings). 

    Search for similar moves

    This finds with a single click the same manoeuvre in a similar pawn structure. The result is classified according to the level of similarity to the starting position.


    ... and student.

    It shows all previous games in this opening by the players: games by the players against one another or against other opponents, with the same colour or with the opposite one, all classified according to the level of similarity with the original game. It makes use of the most recent games from the online database.

    Intelligent search through the Online Database ("Kasparov Wijk")

    Improved technology

    Optional 64Bit-Version. Use: on computers with > 4 GB databases can be stored completely in the main memory during a search. Faster access to your databases.

    Very fast search on up-to-date multi-processor systems.

    New engine dialogue and optimised CPU-management: biewed with name, symbol and author. The default number of CPUs is selected in such a way that an engine can no longer bring the whole computer grinding to a halt. 

    If desired, automatic updates: updates are effectively offered by the program.

    Intelligent collecting of games

    All small PGN downloads from the Internet are collected in a single database: In addition databases from the "TEMP" folder are no longer automatically displayed as symbols in "My databases". Such databases are, for example, the result of the opening of e-mails.

    Intelligent publication of games

    One-click publication of one or more games on the web. Optional "Share link" for Facebook.

    Intelligent Media window

    Chess Media window gets a new look: a better layout for larger video presentations. It allows you to move from chapter to chapter while streaming.

    Intelligent access

    Double click on the quick board: easy loading of games from the quick board (the board which appears in the games list). A double click on a move in the notation loads the game on to a normal board at exactly the same position.

    After leaving the playchess server, either the list of games you watched or played shows up automatically: According to what you were doing last. Thus one of your own games, e.g., can be analysed at once.

    The player encyclopaedia is now online. That saves spaces and allows the editing team to implement changes quickly.

    Better visual appearance

    Improved texture for wooden boards: The textures teak, babinga, pine and weathered have been refreshed.

    New look for the ribbon bar: File tab to replace the "Application menu".

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