CLEARANCE - Chess Tactics - LEVEL 3

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CLEARANCE - Chess Tactics - LEVEL 3

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A fundamental training program on Chess Tactics for players rated USCF 1600-2100!

It features over 1,200 exercises to hone your tactical skills, with each exercise organized by both theme and difficulty to allow you to focus on specific areas. But these aren't your typical "right or wrong" type of Chess problem - Chess Tactic Level 3 provides various levels of hints to help point you in the right direction without simply giving you the correct answer. By studying each of the tactical themes, starting with its most basic applications and proceeding to master-level game scenarios, you will find your tactical skill will improve with each exercise, and so will your game results! This CD is intended for advanced beginner and intermediate players.

Course Content:

* Mating Combinations
* Pinning Combinations
* Distraction
* Decoying
* Damming
* Blockade
* Annihilation of Defense
* Discovered Attack
* Clearing the Space
* Opening the FIles, Ranks and Diagonals
* The Double Attack
* X-Ray Attacks
* Demolition of Pawn Structure
* Conjunction of Tactical Methods
* The Power of Passed Pawns
* Maneuvers
* Exchange
* Theoretical Positions
* Studies

This program, developed the Chess experts of Convekta, will allow you to efficiently study Chess Tactics training materials and will test your new found knowledge in real-world scenarios. It will assess your performance by assigning a rating, allowing you to track your progress through the material. It allows for multiple users and is ideal for Chess teachers with multiple students.

Languages: English and Spanish Included

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Manufacturer Convekta
Hardware Requirements Windows
System Requirements IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 50 Mb of free disk space, Windows 8/7/XP/Vista. No additional software required.
Host N/A
No. of Computer Installs Up to 4 Computers
Windows 10 Compatible Yes