Chess Child

    The Story of Ray Robson, America's Youngest Grandmaster

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    Publisher: Nipa Hut Press
    Author: Gary Robson
    Year of Publication: 2010

    Pages: 274
    Notation Type: None (NL)

    Book DescriptionThe story of Ray Robson, America's Youngest Grandmaster, as told by his father, Dr. Gary Robson. In October 2009, Ray bested the previous records of such American greats as Bobby Fischer and Hikaru Nakamura, becoming the youngest GM-elect in American history at just 14 years old, two weeks before his 15th birthday.

    Gary discusses Ray's progression, from a tenacious beginner immediately drawn to the game to a rapidly-improving young Scholastic player, up through the path to earning the Master rating and finally to becoming a Grandmaster, the ultimate title of respect for a chess player. He divulges the plans used along the way in Ray's development, from trainers to training techniques to amount of time invested in study. We also get a glimpse into the mind of a fragile young Grandmaster: what goes through his mind before facing a particular opponent, how to prepare for a tournament, the trainer and parent's role in helping him be the most prepared that he can be, and the ups-and-downs of tournament play.

    Ray's hobbies and activities away from the chessboard are also discussed. What are his ambitions? Which school subjects does he take a keen interest to? How has he managed to interact with other kids his age?

    We are told the story of a very promising young player who will most likely become a big name in the chess world in the coming years. You will soon understand that it isn't Ray's talent alone that sets him apart from many other promising young players, but his work ethic, guidance, and will to win!

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    ISBN 9780982668207
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    Author(s) Gary Robson
    Pages 274 Pages
    Publication Date May 30, 2010
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