Tiger's Modern

Tiger's Modern

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Publication Date: January 1, 2005
Notation Type: FAN - Figurine
Page Count: 216 Pages

Publisher: Quality Chess
Author: Tiger Persson
Year of Publication: 2005

Pages: 216
Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

Book DescriptionIn this book Swedish grandmaster Tiger Hillarp Persson presents his own favourite defence against 1.e4, the Modern Defence with a6.

With his trademark laidback approach, he explains the different White replies to his system. His repertoire is based on deep understanding, common themes, and interesting games, rather than simply theory to be memorized. Pieces are sacrificed in a great number of games and famous grandmasters meet their doom on the pages of this refreshingly lively opening book.

In today's chess teaching, opening theory often reaches deep into the middlegame, and players struggle to create something new and inspiring at the chessboard. Here Tiger Hillarp Persson shows that it is possible to be original at an early stage.

Tiger Hillarp Persson is a grandmaster from Sweden who is famous for his original style. He is hard to beat, and he has also defeated players of even the highest level. The son of an author and an artist, he was born creative, and has applied this quality to his chess.

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