Pasadena 1932 International Chess Tournament

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    Long in the making. Part of The Great Tournaments Series. An Alekhine victory, albeit a shaky one, ahead of Kashdan, Dake/ Reshevsky/ Steiner, Borochow, Bernstein/ Factor/ Fine/ Reinfeld, Araiza, Fink. All 54 of the known games out of the 66 played are given with notes. Good photos, especially of Alekhine. Also includes the fascinating story unearthed by Bruce Monson of Lavieve Hines, a very strong young female player who was likely the strongest American female chessplayer up to that time, though almost totally forgotten today. Hardback, acid-free paper, red covers with gilt lettering.

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    ISBN 9780939433711
    Manufacturer Caissa Editions
    Author(s) Bob Sherwood, Dale Brandreth
    Pages 118 Pages
    Publication Date Oct 27, 2011
    Notation Type AN - Algebraic
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