Analyse du je des d'echecs - FRENCH EDITION

    Product Code: B0029IS


    Publisher: Ishi Press
    Author: Andre Danican Philidor
    Year of Publication: 2009(2nd)

    Pages: 650
    Notation Type: Descriptive (DN)

    Book Description

    Francois-Andre Danican Philidor (1726-1795) is widely regarded as the strongest chess player ever in history prior to the modern era. He was so much better than any of his contemporaries that it is impossible for us to know how good he really was. The edition of the book that is reprinted here was published in 1871 by C. Sanson. This shows that the original Philidor book was still the standard work on the subject one hundred years after it was first written. It includes 68 games by Philidor as compiled by George Walker in 1832. These 68 games are all converted into modern algebraic notation in the appendix to this book.

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    Product Details

    ISBN 9784871878180
    Manufacturer Ishi Press
    Author(s) Andre Philidor
    Pages 650 Pages
    Publication Date Sep 24, 2009
    Notation Type DN - Descriptive

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