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    The Best of Chessbase - VOLUME 1

    Product Code: B0009AC


    The Best of ChessBase, Volume One contains the most interesting, timely and instructive material from volumes 21-27 of ChessBase Magazine. Now the best and most current material from the world's leading chess information Software is available in convenient printed form! The Best of ChessBase, Volume One features: 995 new games classified by ECO Openings Theoretical articles an the English Opening by Ribli Blunders, Tactics and Endgames from the world's leading players Complete Index of Players for quick reference Annotations and analysis by leading Grandmasters Figurine Algebraic notation The Best of ChessBase, Volume One is the first in a new series of reference books containing a wide variety of chess information. No matter whether your main interest is over-the-board competition or postal play, or whether you are an amateur or a professional player, The Best of ChessBase, Volume One will help you improve your game.

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    ISBN 9780939298327
    Manufacturer American Chess
    Author(s) Ron Burnett
    Pages 294 Pages
    Publication Date Aug 21, 1992
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine
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