The Sicilian Dragon

    The Classic How-to-Win Guide on One of the Most Exciting and Powerful Chess Openings Played Today

    The Sicilian Dragon
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    Publication Date: May 31, 2011
    Notation Type: AN - Algebraic
    Page Count: 240 Pages

    Book Description

    Play the Exciting Dragon! Inside this book are the secrets of one of the most exciting and powerful openings in all of chess - the Sicilian Dragon! Used by amateurs and champons alike, the dragon features brilliant combinations, no-holds-barred assasults, wild sacrifices, and uncompromising positions. This new edition features bigger diagrams, the latest moves and developements, and 30 new game examples.

    Daring Sacrafices, Surprising Plans! You'll learn all the key strategic and tactical ideas of the Dragon, from the opening right until the endgame maneuvers, plus how to anticipate attacks, avoid dangerous lines, and employ the tactical themes and attacking plans from both White's and Black's perspective. Most of all, you'll learn the critical opening ideas so that you understand how to play the popular opening lines with skill, gusto and winning results!

    • Essential Concepts, Strategies, Attacks and Counterattacks, from both Black's and White's perspective.
    • Daring Sacrifices, Great Escapes, and Surprising Plans
    • 10 Tactical Themes as Black
    • 9 Tactical Themes as White
    • More than 200 diagrams showing essential positions
    • 20 "Dragon Hall of Fame" Members with game examples.

    About the Author(s)

    International Grandmaster Eduard Gufeld, author of 59 books on chess, was one of the world's elite chessplayers. He has beaten three former world champions (Vassily Smyslav, Mikhail Tal and Boris Spassky) and eight world championship candidates.

    Eric Schiller, author of more than 80 chess books and the world's leading writer on openings, is a National and Life Master, an International Arbiter of F.I.D.E., and the official trainer for many of America's top young players.

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