365 Selected Endgames

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365 Selected Endgames
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Publication Date: January 1, 2007
Notation Type: AN - Algebraic
Page Count: 336 Pages

Publisher: Ishi Press
Author: Norman T. Whitaker
Year of Publication: 2007 (2nd)

Pages: 336
Notation Type: Algebraic (AN)

Book Introduction:

This book is written in both German and English. Some knowledge of both Classic notation and Algebraic (mainly the latter) is needed to follow all the notes.

The book is mainly a series of fairly difficult endgame studies. I went through the book and solved each problem in the manner that the authors suggested in their preface. It helped me win many Chess tournament games that would have otherwise been draws and also draw many games that should have been lost.

Most tournament players do not take the time to fully study the endgame, but it is essential to do this. There are few enough pieces left so that perfect play is possible. Many a hard earned victory in the middle game can be lost in the endgame. Out of the 40 books that I studied on the endgame, this one was my favorite. The endgame problems chosen for study cover all the key themes that were presented in the other books. The other books had more analytical discussions about the themes, whereas this book only gives the problems that challenge us to learn them for ourselves.

This book is not a beginners book on the endgame, it is mainly for class A and expert levels of tournament play and is mainly for people who want to systematically master all the aspects of the game. I think a class B player could also benefit, but only after a few simpler endgame books have been studied first. Unlike other Chess endgame books, I usually find one or two errors that need revision. The solutions in the book seem to be the only ones and seems completely error free. This is rare for an endgame book, though there might one yet undiscovered. The book is a very slow read, because it has 365 problems. The first few may take a few days each, but you will solve them faster as you get the knack. Even a quick study may need to take about three months to move through all the problems in this book.

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