Understanding the Spanish

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Understanding the Spanish

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Publisher: International Chess Enterprises
Author: Shaun Taulbut
Year of Publication: 1996

Pages: 144
Notation Type: Figurine (FAN)

Book DescriptionUnderstanding an opening is more important the knowing a mass of variations. For no opening is this more true than for the Spanish. The most famous of chess openings leads to a deep strategic maneuvering battle. Experienced GM's seem almost clairvoyant when handling the positions. It is not a sixth sense, but a knowledge of the typical maneuvers and themes that enable them to have their pieces where they need them, when they need them. This book provides a complete course in helping the reader to understand those themes.

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ISBN 9780713476330
Manufacturer Batsford Chess
Author(s) Shaun Taulbut
Pages 144 Pages
Publication Date Jan 1, 1996
Notation Type FAN - Figurine