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    Beginning Chess

    Over 300 Elementary Problems For Players New to the Game
    Catalog Code:B0001SS
    Our Price: $17.99

    Chess Target Practice

    Battle Tactics for Every Square on the Board
    Catalog Code:B0003SS
    Our Price: $15.75

    More Chessercizes - Checkmate

    300 Winning Strategies for Players of All Levels
    Catalog Code:B0007SS
    Our Price: $15.95

    More Chess Openings - Traps and Zaps - VOLUME 2

    200 Brand-New Openings for Players of All Levels
    Catalog Code:B0009SS
    Our Price: $17.95

    Bobby Fischer's Outrageous Chess Moves

    A Study of 101 Outrageous Moves by the Great Chess Champion of All Time
    Catalog Code:B0013SS
    Our Price: $11.95

    Pandolfini's Ultimate Guide to Chess

    Basic to Advanced Strategies with America's Foremost Chess Instructor
    Catalog Code:B0014SS
    Our Price: $16.95

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