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  1. Chess Books (3)
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2007 2013 2007 to 2013
  1. Andrei Volokitin (1)
  2. M.L. Rantala & Eric Schiller & Alan Watson (1)
  3. Nikita Vitiugov (1)
  4. Steve Giddins (1)
  5. Vladimir Grabinsky (1)
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Perfect Your Chess

World-Class Training from a Super-Grandmaster and his Coach
Catalog Code:B0005GB

Regular Price: $28.95

Special Price: $14.48


The French Defence - Reloaded

Catalog Code:B0080EU
Our Price: $31.95

Billy Colias - Midwest Master

Revised in 2013 by Eric Schiller With Additional Games and New Chess Analysis
Catalog Code:B0214IS
Our Price: $25.95

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