Chess For Tomorrow's Champions

    Product Code: B0275EM


    Publisher: Everyman Chess
    Author: John Walker
    Year of Publication: 1995

    Pages: 144
    Notation Type: Long Algebraic (LAN)

    Book DescriptionYou know the Moves?

    You can Play the Game?

    You Want to Improve?

    Then this book is for you!

    In this entertaining guide for young chess players, John Walker explains clearly and simply the fundamentals of winning chess topics. This includes...

    * Tactical Weapons
    * Fire Power
    * Checkmate
    * The Endgame
    * The Opening
    And much more!
    br>Read this book! You may become one of tomorrow's champions!

    John Walker, several times Chess Champion of Oxfordshire, UK is a school teacher who has taught Chess to children for many years. He is also the author of several other popular instructional chess books for the younger player.

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    Product Details

    Country of Manufacture
    ISBN 9781857441956
    Manufacturer Everyman Chess
    Author(s) J. N. Walker
    Publication Date Jun 30, 1995

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