Opening Repertoire for Black

    Opening Repertoire for Black

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    A few years ago, IM Bangiev published a CD with a Repertoire for White. Since then the author has developed a new method of training ? his squares strategy ? and already three CDs have been published based on it. Consequently, Bangiev has now prepared his long planned CD with a Repertoire for Black along the lines of the terminology and methodology of the squares strategy. The unified system which he suggests is based on a setup with g6, Bg7 and c5, which can easily be applied as a reply to the main white openings.

    The author has years of experience with this setup, the benefit of which he now passes on to his students.

    The author's work occupies three databases: a) Theory: the heart of the new CD with 5 introductory texts, 149 theoretical fragments of games and 36 annotated games from praxis. b) Reference database with over 100,000 games and an opening key specially developed for this CD. c) Training database with 166 exercises.

    The CD is suitable for club players and contains the ChessBase Reader based on ChessBase 9.

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