Budapest Gambit

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    SHOPWORN - The Fabulous Budapest Gambit
    Much More Than Just a Sharp Weapon
    Catalog Code: SWB0040NIC

    The Fabulous Budapest Gambit does not shower you with long computer-generated variations, but provides crystal-clear insights into the wide spectrum of this opening, explaining the plans for both White and Black.

    Moskalenko's lively style will infect you and encourage you to start playing this opening which is a great weapon at any level, from club player to grandmaster.

    SHOPWORN - The Fabulous Budapest Gambit

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $12.48

    CLEARANCE - The Fighting Fajarowicz
    Catalog Code: CB0019CD

    The Budapest, 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e5, is really a counterattack rather than a defense. It appeals to players who like to challenge White for the initiative early in the game. This particularly applies to the Fajarowicz Variation, 3.dxe4 Ne4, in which(by contrast with the 3..Ng4 main line of the Budapest) Black puts more emphasis on fighting for key squares than on seeking the early recapture of the pawn he has given up. This book contains 3 different sections: 1)Ideas for black to aim for and areas to avoid; 2)A 12 chapter Analysis section(including one with explanation on what to do if white avoids the Fajarowicz on move 3; and 3)A Complete Games section with well over 300 games ranging from unannotated to lightly annotated for you to study.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - The Fighting Fajarowicz

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price $2.00

2 Item(s)

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