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      Catalan E00-E09
      The Catalan is an opening in which Black may well be able to obtain easy equality, but in which he frequently draws the short straw in the ensuing positional battle.

      Catalan E00-E09

      Catalog Code: WIN0171CB

      Regular Price: $39.95

      Special Price: $31.95

      The Catalan - Victor Bologan
      The current DVD covers all of Black’s replies to the Catalan, some of which can even transpose to other openings such as the Tarrasch System and the Queen’s Indian.

      The Catalan - Victor Bologan

      Catalog Code: WIN0306CB

      Regular Price: $39.95

      Special Price: $36.95

      A Strategic Opening Repertoire
      In 1998 a slim volume by IM John Donaldson explored the crafting of a sophisticated but easily assimilated group of interrelated opening strategies intending to establish small but lasting advantages. The result, A Strategic Opening Repertoire was an instant success. Now this second edition, revised by Danish FM Carsten Hansen with the assistance of John Donaldson, is greatly expanded - twice the size, with many more games and detailed explanations.

      A Strategic Opening Repertoire

      Catalog Code: B0027RE
      Our Price: $29.95