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    Theory of Chess Openings - Open Games - RUSSIAN EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0202IS

    Paul Keres. The theory of chess openings. In two books. Open debuts. Tallinn Estonian state. ed. 1949, 1952. 288 p. Before applying the novelty in the opening, make sure you did not write about it. Keres, half a century ago! In depth study, this work has no equal. Materials offered in the book are systematic sampling, and of course, a critical treatment of the vast material that the theory and practice of chess found mostly in the last half century, and which, taken together, form what is generally accepted to call ''opening theory.'' 48).

    Theory of Chess Openings - Open Games - RUSSIAN EDITION

    Sokolski Debut 1. b2-b4 - RUSSIAN EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0311IS

    THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN IN RUSSIAN The Sokolsky chess opening is characterized by the move 1. b2-b4. It is an unorthodox opening, designed to get the opponent out of the book. It is also called the Polish Opening and the Orang Utan. It has not been and cannot be refuted. It has even been played by Black at the world championship level, as Spassky played 1. d4 b5 against Petrosian.

    Sokolski Debut 1. b2-b4 - RUSSIAN EDITION


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