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      Back to Basics - Openings
      Catalog Code: B0038RE

      What wins chess games? More than anything else, organized and efficient thinking. But chess thinking is specialized. Even Albert Einstein was a confessed chess duffer. It's not so much how smart you are as how smart your chess-thinking techniques are. The effects of memorizing moves, one of the most widespread attempts to improve, pale beside the results of learning how to think effectively in chess
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      Back to Basics - Openings

      Our Price: $22.95
      Modern Chess Openings - 15TH EDITION
      Completed Revised and Updated
      Catalog Code: B0013RH

      Modern Chess Openings is the best and most trusted tool for serious chess players on the market. First published over a half-century ago, this is a completely revised and updated edition of the book that has been the standard English language reference on chess openings.

      Modern Chess Openings - 15TH EDITION

      Our Price: $29.95
      Chess Movies 1
      Quick Tricks
      Catalog Code: B0037RE

      Chess MoviesTM represents a new idea in the Pandolfini Chess Library Series. It offers instructional material with every single move diagrammed and explained. Thus a chessboard and pieces are not needed to follow through. This makes it possible to rely solely on the book itself, as one would with a text on tactics and problems, without having to set up the positions, even though the present volume, Quick Tricks, contains games of ten full moves or more.
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      Chess Movies 1

      Our Price: $19.95

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