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    1971 2014 1971 to 2007
    1. Andrew Soltis (1)
    2. Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1)
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      How to Play the Chess Opening
      With keen appreciation of the amateur's usual limitations, International Grandmaster Eugene Znosko Borovsky explains the importance of rapid development of the pieces, occupation of the center, the relation of the opening to the general plan of the player, and significance of control of the center.

      How to Play the Chess Opening

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      Transpo Tricks in Chess
      In chess, a transposition is a known position reached by a different move order than usual - a less obvious way of getting to somewhere you want to go, leading to confusion for your opponent. Every chess player has a number of them in his arsenal, and they are used most often in openings.

      Transpo Tricks in Chess

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