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      Beat the KID
      The King's Indian Defence is one of Black's most ambitious and popular replies to 1.d4 so White needs to be well prepared. Jan Markos shows the way with three separate repertoires for White. Each of the lines he explains has a different style, ranging from solidly positional to wildly attacking.

      Beat the KID

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      Kotronias on the King's Indian - VOL. 1
      Fianchetto Systems
      The King's Indian, one of Black's most dynamic chess openings, is covered in impressive detail by grandmaster Vassilios Kotronias. As well as giving specific information on the opening moves, practical advice is provided on typical middlegame themes, both positional and tactical. In Volume One of this series the author provides Black with full coverage on how to meet the widely popular g3-system.

      Kotronias on the King's Indian - VOL. 1

      Fianchetto Systems
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      Modernized - The King's Indian Defense
      This book is a full repertoire (from Black’s perspective) for the King’s Indian Defense. By using a variety of theoretical games from recent Grandmaster practice (as well as a number of classical examples), Bojkov covers every major line in depth, with due coverage to all sidelines as well. The reader will also become familiarized with many strategic ideas, thematic tactics, and the abundance of imaginative possibilities the King’s Indian Defense is famous for.

      Modernized - The King's Indian Defense

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