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    The Berlin Defense Unraveled
    A Straightforward Guide for Black and White
    Catalog Code: B0188NIC

    International Master Luis Bernal has unraveled the Berlin and made it accessible for amateur players. His practical guide is fully up to date, explains typical formations and strategies, and presents new ideas and resources in the old Berlin Wall structures.
    New Product!

    The Berlin Defense Unraveled

    Winning with the Slow - But Venomous - Italian
    An Easy-To-Grasp Chess Opening for White
    Catalog Code: B0181NIC

    The Slow Italian may look innocent, but is actually full of venom, because White has a lot of options to create aggressive play by making natural looking moves with his pieces. Müller and Souleidis have created a solid weapon that every amateur chess player will delight in playing. With a foreword by Anish Giri.

    Winning with the Slow - But Venomous - Italian


2 Item(s)

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