Philidor's Defense

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    SHOPWORN - A Cunning Chess Opening for Black
    Lure Your Opponent into the Philidor Swamp
    Catalog Code: SWB0153NIC

    Taking your opponent out of his comfort zone is a good idea to start your game with. Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov pushes this concept one step further: lure your opponent onto the slippery paths of the Philidor Swamp!
    New Product!

    SHOPWORN - A Cunning Chess Opening for Black

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price $7.01

    SHOPWORN - The Black Lion
    The Chess Predator's Choice Against Both 1. e4 and 1. d4
    Catalog Code: SWB0062NIC

    More than 85% of all chess games start with either 1.e4 or 1.d4. The Black Lion presents a flexible, logical and sensible way for Black to meet both of these moves. This robust, multipurpose opening system looks quiet, like a sleeping lion - hence the name. But when this predator is provoked, and the game heats up, Black eats its prey in an extremely swift and efficient way.

    SHOPWORN - The Black Lion

    Regular Price: $27.95

    Special Price $13.98

2 Item(s)

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