Queen's Gambit

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    The Double Queen's Gambit
    A Surprise Weapon for Black
    Catalog Code: B0162NIC

    Alexey Bezgodov provides a complete chess opening repertoire for Black against 1.d4. After replying with 1…d5, the former Russian Chess Champion advises you to take up the Double Queen’s Gambit and play 2…c5! against both 2. c4 and 2. Nf3. In The Double Queen’s Gambit Black’s attitude is as active and ambitious as that of White in the Queen’s Gambit. This ambition may seem premature at first sight, but many strong grandmasters have already successfully played this system.

    The Double Queen's Gambit

    A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White
    A Complete Plan of Attack with 1. d4 and 2. c4
    Catalog Code: B0181GB

    Such has been the acclaim for John Watson's ground-breaking works on modern chess strategy and his insightful opening books, that it is only natural that he now presents a strategic opening repertoire.

    A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White


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