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    Queen's Gambit

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      The Queen's Gambit and Catalan for Black
      A Grandmaster Explains a Solid and Dependable Repertoire
      Catalog Code: B0068GB

      Every chess-player needs a reliable defence against the Queen's Pawn Opening. The fundamental question is whether to go all-out for counterplay, which may involve a great deal of risk, or to adopt a more solid, classical approach, and first carefully neutralize White's initiative. This book shows the potential of the latter approach. By defending the Queen's Gambit Declined, Black puts a firm road-block in the way of White's ambitions.
      75% Off Books (Shown in Cart)

      The Queen's Gambit and Catalan for Black

      Our Price: $21.95
      SHOPWORN - The Ragozin Complex
      A Guide for White and Black
      Catalog Code: SWB0106NIC

      The Ragozin Complex is a flexible and versatile chess opening system that, despite its popularity, rarely has been a subject of serious study in chess literature. A hybrid of the Queen's Gambit and the Nimzo-Indian Defence, the Ragozin featured in a famous book by Soviet theoretician Lipnitsky in the 1950s. Bobby Fischer decided to learn Russian to be able to read that work and immediately afterwards started playing the Ragozin.

      SHOPWORN - The Ragozin Complex

      Regular Price: $27.95

      Our Price: $14.00

      A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White
      A Complete Plan of Attack with 1. d4 and 2. c4
      Catalog Code: B0181GB

      Such has been the acclaim for John Watson's ground-breaking works on modern chess strategy and his insightful opening books, that it is only natural that he now presents a strategic opening repertoire.

      A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White

      Our Price: $26.95

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