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Reti Opening

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    Reti - A Repertoire for White - Victor Bologan
    Catalog Code: WIN0518CB

    The development of the knight to f3, followed by the attack on the centre with c4, was played by almost all great champions of the past. The most valuable investment into this opening was made by Richard Reti, who scored a couple of victories with it in the 1920s, but what would it look like without Capablanca’s games or Smyslov’s fine ideas? Nowadays the main protagonist of 1.Nf3 with White is Vladimir Kramnik, who has in my opinion the deepest strategical knowledge and understanding in chess. Especially the Reti is designed for those players who like strategy, manoeuvres and plans. Who like to avoid opening tons of theory, the jungle of forced lines. In this DVD, I tried to deal with all possible Black reactions against 1.Nf3. Naturally, there is much theory left outside of it, but a repertoire for White for sure is inside.

    Reti - A Repertoire for White - Victor Bologan

    The Reti - A Flexible Attacking Opening - Alejandro Ramirez
    Catalog Code: WIN0391CB

    The Nimzo-Indian, the Gruenfeld and the King’s Indian Defence are three incredibly uncomfortable defences to meet. This hypermodern DVD gives new ideas on how to squash these setups with sound, positional play based on double fianchetto systems. This DVD focuses on the move 1.Nf3 and covers the necessary variations to meet Black’s most popular systems, including the ones listed above as well as the Slav and Catalan/Orthodox type setups. White steers away from mainstream theory while still being on the aggressive side and causing Black problems from the beginning.

    The Reti - A Flexible Attacking Opening - Alejandro Ramirez


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