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      Scotch Game - Nigel Davies
      The Scotch Game by Nigel Davies is a lively alternative to the Ruy Lopez which has found favor amongst many leading Grandmasters.

      Scotch Game - Nigel Davies

      Catalog Code: WIN0112CB

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      Scotch Game Explained
      Used to brilliant effect by Garry Kasparov and numerous imitators, the Scotch Game is one of the most popular openings among today's club players. The Scotch Game Explained, unlike most openings books, offers a back-to-basics approach tailored to novices and intermediate player

      Scotch Game Explained

      Catalog Code: B0030BT
      Our Price: $21.95

      The Modern Scotch Opening - Parimarjan Negi
      The Scotch has long been associated with exciting play, although people often doubt it’s positional base. But the opening has evolved from the swashbuckling games of the 19th century to become a sound, but aggressive, alternative to the evergreen Spanish. In his first Fritz-Trainer DVD, Parimarjan Negi looks at the latest revolution in Scotch theory that has completely changed white’s plans, and once again brought back the interest of the world’s elite. Negi presents not only the white strategies in detail but also outlines a dynamic way for Black to counter this latest trend.

      The Modern Scotch Opening - Parimarjan Negi

      Catalog Code: WIN0429CB

      Regular Price: $39.95

      Special Price: $36.95