The Sicilian Defense, a chess opening that begins with the moves 1. e4 c5, is one of the most popular and highest scoring Black responses to the King's Pawn Opening - 1. e4. With 1... c5, Black asserts control over the critical d4 square and launches an aggressive counter-attack to seize control of the center of the chess board. By choosing to play the Sicilian Defense, Black is willing to offer White both the initiative of the Kingside and an advantage in piece development opportunities in exchange for an advanced Queenside pawn and a spatial advantage that often lead to flank attacks. 

    Popular Variations of the Sicilian Defense: Najdorf Sicilian, Schveshnikov Sicilian, Scheveningen Sicilian

    Practitioners of the Sicilian Defense: Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Mikhail TalViswanathan Anand, Boris Gelfand and Alexei Shirov


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      The Sicilian Defense - Grandmaster Repertoire 6
      Grandmaster Repertoire is a new series of high quality chess books based on the main lines, written by strong grandmasters. The aim is to provide the reader with a complete repertoire at a level good enough for elite tournaments, and certainly also for the club championship. Grandmaster Repertoire provides a repertoire to last a lifetime.

      The Sicilian Defense - Grandmaster Repertoire 6

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      Experts on the Anti-Sicilian
      The Sicilian Defense, 1.e4 c5, is one of the popular chess openings. In this book several chess grandmasters present state-of-the-art analysis of lines where White meets the Sicilian by avoiding the Open variations.

      Experts on the Anti-Sicilian

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      Mayhem in the Morra
      1... c5 Wiped Off the Map! - Sicilian Refuted!
      Esserman is the world's leading expert on the Morra Gambit and he shares all his secrets and many novelties in a lively witty style. The Morra leads to exciting gambit play, so some players decline the offer with 3...Nf6 - Esserman also shows how White can attack this cautious defence.

      Mayhem in the Morra

      1... c5 Wiped Off the Map! - Sicilian Refuted!
      Catalog Code: B0065QT
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