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    100 Easy Checkmates
    One and Two Move Checkmates to Test Your Skills!
    Catalog Code: B0002CZ

    Perfect for beginning players--including children--100 Easy Checkmates offers an accessible, fun guide to winning at chess. Designed to help players learn without frustration or tedious chess notation, 100 Easy Checkmates presents easy one- and two-move checkmates that everyone can understand.
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    100 Easy Checkmates

    Chess Endgame Quiz
    Can you Find the Best Move?
    Catalog Code: B0035CZ

    This challenging book features two hundred challenges in the multiple choice format that has proved so popular for chess-playing readers. These instructive, elegant and entertaining positions will not only challenge and entertain you, but will also teach you how to improve your endgame while trying to find the best move of the three choices presented.

    Chess Endgame Quiz


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