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    Trophy Chess
    An Account of the Lessing Rosenwald Tournament - NY 1954-1955
    Catalog Code: B0056IS

    Trophy Chess was one of Bobby Fischer's favorite books. He studied it with great care during his sudden appearance right after this tournament and his rapid rise to the top, culminating in his winning his first of eight US Chess Championships in 1957/58. It is nicely laid out and designed and is easy to read. In his famous ''My 60 Memorable Games'' Fischer later collaborated with Evans, who served as his second during his rise to the world championship and became one of America's best-selling chess authors with over 20 books to his credit.

    Trophy Chess

    How to Open a Chess Game
    Catalog Code: B0074IS

    This is one of the most interesting, most unusual and most instructive chess books ever written. Seven of the World's Strongest Chess Grandmasters were each asked to write down their thoughts about how a serious chess amateur might best approach the problem of, very simply, ''opening'' a chess game?

    How to Open a Chess Game


2 Item(s)

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