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    Fighting Chess with Hikaru Nakamura
    Catalog Code: B0019OE

    This is the very first book to focus exclusively on Hikaru Nakamura, the greatest American chess player since the legendary Bobby Fischer.

    Fighting Chess with Hikaru Nakamura

    Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen
    Catalog Code: B0018OE

    This book presents detailed annotations to 64 of Carlsen's best games, together with a description of his career. Also examined are the deficiencies from which he suffered as a young player, and how he overcame these on his way to the top.

    Fighting Chess with Magnus Carlsen

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer - The Wandering King
    Catalog Code: B0043BT

    Chess devotees simply can't get enough of Bobby Fischer. Every facet of his personality and his play unfolds in this biographical study. In addition to analyzing his exceptional talent, it captures and puts into perspective his tough youth, anti-social tendencies, fights against the chess authorities, and growing mental illness.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer - The Wandering King

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Paul Keres - The Quest for Perfection
    Inspiration and Instruction for Chess Players of All Levels
    Catalog Code: B0037BT

    Paul Keres was one of the greatest players in chess history and a leading contender for the world championship for over 30 years. His modest, honest and open-minded approach to chess made him popular with chess enthusiasts the world over. These qualities come over supremely well in his writing.

    Paul Keres - The Quest for Perfection

    Contenders for the Crown
    Who Will Be the Next World Chess Champion?
    Catalog Code: CB0079RB

    Contains the career details of many key players of chess, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. The book includes profiles of Vladimir Kramnik, Gata Kamsky, Judit Polgar, Michael Adams, Alexei Shirov, Viswanathan Anand and Vassily Ivanchuk.

    Contenders for the Crown


5 Item(s)

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