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Chess Endgames

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    Fundamental Checkmates
    A Complete Study of Mating Patterns, Mechanisms and Combinations
    Catalog Code: B0192GB

    This book lays out, in systematic and thorough fashion, a wide range of mating patterns and techniques, in particular showing how each piece-pair can combine to deliver mate. A working knowledge of these ideas enables players to move on to mating combinations, where pieces lay down their lives so that the remaining forces can deliver mate. 

    Fundamental Checkmates

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $23.96

    Understanding Rook Endgames
    New Insight - Deep Understanding - Helpful Guidelines
    Catalog Code: B0190GB

    Endgames with rooks and pawns are the most frequently occurring in chess, arising in about 1 game in 10. If you learn an important technique in this endgame, chances are you will end up using it sooner or later. And there are a great many methods and concepts that can be mastered with a little effort. This book highlights the key themes in rook endings, and at each turn invites the reader to test his knowledge and skills with abundant exercises.

    Understanding Rook Endgames

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price $21.56

    Chess Endgames for Kids
    Featuring 50 Endgame Lessons
    Catalog Code: B0187GB

    Starting with the basic mates and the simplest pawn endings, this book provides all the endgame knowledge that players need to take them through to club level and beyond. Müller carefully guides us step-by-step through a fascinating range of endgame tactics and manoeuvres, helping us understand the underlying logic.

    Chess Endgames for Kids

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price $13.56

3 Item(s)

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