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    Victor Bologan - Selected Games
    Catalog Code: B0028RE

    Power Chess at it's Best! Moldovian Grandmaster Victor Bologan is among the world's strongest and most dynamic grandmasters. You are invited to join him on a highly personal, autobiographical journey, as he presents 52 of his games, deeply annotated. These games are highlighted against a background of his life experiences and development, resulting in one of the most splendid game collections available today.

    Victor Bologan - Selected Games

    Bobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0034RE

    Now, for the first time, every one of his 736 tournament and match games is presented with insightful explanations and analysis. Best-selling chess author, German International Grandmaster Karsten Muller, annotates each game of the player many believe to be the greatest of all time.

    Bobby Fischer - The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion

    Jose Raul Capablanca - Third World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0040RE

    The name of Jose Raul Capablanca (1888-1942), the third world champion, is indelibly inscribed in the annals of chess history. Capablanca's technique, intuition, remarkably quick calculation, and sense for elegant combinations made him the paragon of grandmasters during his lifetime. At the peak of his career Capablanca was almost invincible; each of his losses was regarded as a sensation. His books, articles, and lucid annotations became instant classics.

    Jose Raul Capablanca - Third World Chess Champion

    My Best Games of Chess
    Catalog Code: b0064re

    In chess literature, there have only been a very few chess books that have immediately-and permanently-established themselves as classics. Lasker's Manual of Chess by Emanuel Lasker, Masters of the Chessboard by Richard Reti and Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky are three that come to mind. There are of course others, among them My Best Games of Chess, 1908-1937 by the fourth world chess champion, Alexander Alekhine.

    My Best Games of Chess


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