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    1. Alexander Kotov (1)
    2. Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1)
    3. Nikolay Yakovlev (1)
    4. Paul Keres (1)
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      The Art of the Middle Game
      Translated by Harry Golombek. Superb guide to neglected area of chess. Two formidable grandmasters cover attacking the king, defense, importance of pawn structure, analysis, much more.

      The Art of the Middle Game

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      Chess Blueprints
      Planning in the Middlegame
      Planning is critical to winning in chess. While other writers offer you thinking tools for building an effective plan, in Chess Blueprints: Planning in the Middlegame Nikolay Yakovlev gives you the bricks - the positional themes and patterns that you need to know in order to make use of those fancy tools. With 188 positions and 559 diagrams ranging from the classics to little-known gems of Russian chess, the author challenges you to form your own impression and then see how the masters honed in on the key elements to achieve victory, or neglected them and went down to defeat.

      Chess Blueprints

      Planning in the Middlegame
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      The Middle Game in Chess
      Basic concepts of middle game play are systematically and logically presented.

      The Middle Game in Chess

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