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    Sam Loyd: His Story and Best Problems
    Sam loyd is widely considered to be the finest chess composer that ever lived, often authorizing problems with witty themes that would challenge even the strongest of players. What isn't so well known is that he was also one of the best chess players in the U.S.,despite having a playing style that was highly flawed. Like his problems, Sam would often try to create fantastic combinations over the board during his games, rather than simplifying and going for the win.

    This book, edited by Grandmaster Andrew Soltis, presents 58 of Sam Loyd's problems for your consideration. In addition to the puzzles, the author extensively discusses the man behind the puzzles.

    Sam Loyd: His Story and Best Problems

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    Pandolfini's Chess Challenges
    111 Winning Endgames
    Here are 111 quirky, surprising and fun tactical chess problems to improve anyone's games. Designed to promote creativity and imaginative play, all of the problems are endgame miniatures, with seven or fewer pieces on the chessboard.

    Pandolfini's Chess Challenges

    111 Winning Endgames
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