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      How Good Is Your Chess?
      Chess enthusiasts can find out where they stand in terms of chess mastery by facing off against 20 of the world's top players with this instructive and amusing guide. Looking closely at complete games played by the experts inspires players to form new ideas about their overall strategy. Grandmaster Daniel King based "How Good Is Your Chess" on his popular Chess Monthly column.

      How Good Is Your Chess?

      Catalog Code: B0023DV
      Our Price: $7.95

      Win at Chess
      New Algebraic Edition
      The 300 practical chess problems included here, taken from actual tournament play, contain scores of traps, sacrifices, mates, winning combinations, and subtle exchanges that will help sharpen players' eyes and test their skills against the masters.

      Win at Chess

      New Algebraic Edition
      Catalog Code: B0051DV
      Our Price: $6.95