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      Chess Wizardry
      Catalog Code: B0069BT

      This is a new edition of a classic work and will introduce a new generation of readers to the wonders of chess problems. The readers will find many of the best chess problems ever composed, chosen and investigated by John Rice, an International Master. The readers will find stories behind famous ideas.

      Chess Wizardry

      Our Price: $9.95
      Find the Right Plan with Anatoly Karpov
      Catalog Code: B0109BT

      The legendary Anatoly Karpov has won over 250 Grandmaster tournaments, many more than any other player in chess history. His games are characterized by the gradual and patient pushing of an opponent back to the wall, before finally finishing him off with a deadly blow.

      Find the Right Plan with Anatoly Karpov

      Our Price: $22.95
      Pawn Structure Chess
      Catalog Code: B0116BT

      Every chess player needs to know how to handle pawns. Pawns form the 'playing fields' of chess games, a semi-permanent structure that can determine whether a player wins or loses. This fully updated version of a timeless chess classic will give you the comprehensive knowledge to mastering pawn structures.

      Pawn Structure Chess

      Our Price: $21.95

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