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    Chess Strategy for Kids
    Featuring 50 Smart Strategies
    Catalog Code: B0195GB

    So you have learned how to play chess, studied tactics and know some basic endgames and openings. What’s next? The glue that binds it all together is strategy. By forming a good plan, chess-players seize strong points on the board and target the opponent’s weaknesses. The author explains how to identify the right strategy in a wide range of typical situations. With his guidance, you will soon be finding good plans on your own – and then it will be time to demonstrate your tactical mastery!

    Chess Strategy for Kids

    CLEARANCE - How to Crush Your Chess Opponents
    An Inspiring Guide for the Modern Attacker
    Catalog Code: B0025GB

    Simon Williams, one of Britain's most dynamic and aggressive chess-players, has selected his favourite attacking games from the modern era, and annotated them with an infectious zeal that will inspire and instruct. He takes us inside the decision-making process, explaining how each stage in an attacking concept is formed, and shows how top players spot the signs that indicate it is time to stake everything on an all-out assault. We also get insights into the role of intuition and calculation in both attack and defence
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - How to Crush Your Chess Opponents

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    Special Price $10.00

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