San Remo 1930 International Chess Tournament

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    Alekhine's super performance with 14 out of 15 against the world's best lacking only Capablanca and Em. Lasker. Excellent notes by Robert Sherwood, Alekhine, Maroczy, Nimzowitsch, Bogoljubow, Yates, Vidmar, etc.


    As Euwe later wrote about Alekhine's games at San Remo in Meet the Masters: "His wins in this tournament exhibited, one and all, the art of chess at its most perfect yet."


    Hardback book with all games annotated and with many diagrams. Part of the Great Tournament series.

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    ISBN 0939433745
    Manufacturer Caissa Editions
    Author(s) Robert Sherwood
    Pages 219
    Publication Date Jun 11, 2013
    BOOK - Binding Type Hardcover
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