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      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
      Learn to think the same way Bobby Fischer did. This is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable book on chess ever compiled. As the student, you start at the beginning and progressively develop your skills as you apply Bobby Fischer's principles and learn how to play Chess the Bobby way.

      Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

      Catalog Code: B0011RH
      Our Price: $7.95

      Back to Basics - Fundamentals
      How about a Nice Game of Chess?

      The game of chess has challenged and delighted the world for centuries. In Back to Basics: Fundamentals, the essential building blocks of the royal game are presented simply and in an easy-to-understand format. With the expert guidance of chess master Branislav Francuski, you will learn how the chess pieces move and capture; the underlying principles of the game; how to spot and carry out simple checkmates; and understand the basic tactical ideas that are so important to playing and winning.

      Back to Basics - Fundamentals

      Catalog Code: B0011RE

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      Special Price: $9.18