Danger in Chess

    How to Avoid Making Blunders

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    One false move, and you're dead--as in other games, chess is fraught with situations in which the wrong reaction leads directly to defeat. Unlike most other games, chess's most dangerous moments are often subtle and easily overlooked. This volume, from a series for which chess champion Garry Kasparov serves as chief advisor, offers players at every level guidance on how to develop an early warning system. Its advice is structured around three main sources: the opponent; the player's own thought process; and the board position. The author shows players how to identify actual and potential hazards and how detecting these signals can be used not only to bolster defense but also as an attack strategy.

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    ISBN 486424219
    Manufacturer Dover Chess
    Author(s) Amatzia Avni
    Pages 121 Pages
    Publication Date Nov 24, 2011
    Notation Type FAN - Figurine

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