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    Dominant Defense - EMPIRE CHESS
    Catalog Code: DVD0092EP

    To help improve your defensive chess, GM Damian Lemos has produced “Dominant Defense”, covering 4 games from the highest level, featuring world class defending from the likes of Topalov and Anand. As they demonstrate, defending does not mean holding on for a draw, it means staying safe whilst your opponent makes concessions then pouncing at the right moment.

    Dominant Defense - EMPIRE CHESS

    Middlegame Transition Guide - EMPIRE CHESS
    How GMs Transition from Opening to Middle Game
    Catalog Code: DVD0076EP

    This DVD presents the guide for transition to the middlegame, how GMs plan the passage from the opening to the middlegame, paying particular attention to how the choice of opening decides the plans on how to follow on to the middlegame and the endgame. During the middlegame, the player can lose the advantage they obtained in the opening if they do not know how to correctly enact their plan; just as it happens to experts in endgames. If you do not obtain an advantageous position in the middlegame, it will be very difficult to achieve victory in the endgame.

    Middlegame Transition Guide - EMPIRE CHESS

    How Super GMs Think - EMPIRE CHESS
    Change Your Mindset
    Catalog Code: DVD0075EP

    In this DVD, GM Damian Lemos reveals the ideas of the middlegame and explains to you how a GM thinks throughout the game. It also focuses on how Super GMs calculate and teaches you to change how you think. This work is presented across extensively-analyzed and annotated games in which GM Lemos explains the plans and ideas behind each position after every move.

    How Super GMs Think - EMPIRE CHESS

    Learn to Defend as a GM - EMPIRE CHESS
    Club Player's Manifesto
    Catalog Code: DVD0072EP

    In this DVD you will learn the art of defense, just like the GMs employ when they need to defend themselves against the attacks of their opponents. It is important to learn the basic concepts of defense in order to avoid suffering painful defeats due to not knowing how to react. Defense is sometimes a difficult task and a part of the game that many players do not like, often even avoiding positions where they have to defend themselves, despite it being the best option.

    Learn to Defend as a GM - EMPIRE CHESS


4 Item(s)

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